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Our Overview

We are a company staffed by consummate professionals; seasoned experts who came to work every day by excited bythe difference we will make. We have extensive experience providing services at various stages in the development lifecycle and for a different industries, but we are most passionate about making a difference one project, one company at a time.

We are results driven, yet place people and integrity above all else. We know that each consultant has a unique and mixed set of skill, experience, and personality that it is our job to match optimally with a client’s unique culture and needs.

We believe in a business model based on repeat engagements, treating every projects as if it is the most important job BSP has ever or will ever do.This means putting the time and thought into ensuring our standard processes are right for the situation, that we are staffing with the right resources, and that the design and plan are solid.

We stand behind our people, through BSP’s internal support network, through a library of technical resources through deep experience in successful project delivery. We are NOT believer in a “One-Size-fits-all” approach, no matter how much easier it makes bidding and pricing.

Above all, Z3 Technologies Inc is a company of people who care: who care about doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons.

Our Capabilities

We help you make better business decisions that drive your company to new level of success. We leverage the premier suite of Performance Management too from various tools and technologies to ensure the information is presented in a way that is meaningful and actionable to the individual. We help you not just understand what happened, but leverage tools and process to predict and plan for the future. We understand the power of the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time, and we partner with our clients to deliver that capability

We do this using these core services and principles:

Thick Slice Consulting Services

Our extensive hands-on experience with implementing successful Performance Management solutions has driven the creation of our Best Practices and Methodology for maximizing the success of your PM implementation. Utilizing our Thick Slice Consulting Services for Front End , Middle Ware and Back End Technologies with software installation , configuration and full lifecycle project deployment, we ensure that the entire Software Development Life Cycle is smooth, repeatable, and free of “11’th hour surprises and hurdles.

Deliver the Best of the Firm to all Clients

When you work with Z3 Technologies Inc, you are not only getting the resources on the site or at the local office, you are getting the strength of all of Z3 Technologies Inc to ensure you get the most from your partnership with us. We draw on our network of internal and external expertise to bring together the right minds for the right solutions.

Provide Additional Value through Implementation Based Software Solutions.

With our vast experience implementing successful solutions, we have identified opportunities to build software solutions that compliment various industry standard tools and technologies. These products help our clients be more successful by providing enhanced administration and management of various software as well as additional functionality not offered in the standard products.

Build Sustainable Solutions

We work with our clients to ensure we build solid, sustainable solutions that will continue to perform and be supportable by our clients after our engagement is completed. We partner with our clients every day to develop solutions that met their needs as well as a transfer our knowledge to their team to ensure our collective work is successful for the long term.

Build Partnership based on Trust

We earn our client’s trust through our consistently superior service, our professional conduct, and our commitment to making them successful. Our clients know that we deliver on our promises, and we will never compromise our integrity

Our History

Delivering Value to our Customers

We believe in creating value at every state of the engagement. We believe you should get the most out of each meeting and each phase. From the initial strategy meetings through the full development and deployment of a performance Management solution, we bring value to our clients through our close partnership, the execution of sound Best Practices, and our wealth of experience.


We set a high bar on our staff and expect them to act in a professional manner throughout the extent of the work with each and every client. We believe that you should expect professional behavior from your services partner. We believe professionalism starts first with giving our clients respect. Respect for your time, your knowledge, and your team members’ time. We believe in treating our clients in the same professional manner in which we would want to be treated.

Employing the Best People to Work with our Clients

We believe our people are our best assets. We believe in employing experienced , passionate and knowledgeable individuals. We believe in continuing education to ensure our professionals deliver the highest quality work to our clients.

Ethical Business Practices and Client Confidentiality

We believe in conducting all business with the highest level of integrity and ethics. We believe in treating all client information with the utmost in discretion and confidentiality. We believe in our client’s trust in us.

Building our Business on Good Customer Referrals

We believe in the value of every client and every project being referencable. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. We believe in being your Information Management Partner and Strategic Advisor.

Our Leadership Team

Our Clients and Partners

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