Peakokk – The Chef

This app is being built to bring the Chefs and customers together with few clicks. Customers can chef from their favorite cuisine from a local chef in and around the preferred radius that they select. The chef’s can earn their little bucks from their home kitchen with little effort. We are trying to make chef’s and individuals their own boss at their ease of time. We are working on the prototype which will be launched this summer into the market.

Visa News – Immigration Status Checker

This is an app which is already there in Apple App store which will brings the Immigrations status check to their finger tips. It also shows the current and prior visa bulletin with in the App. This app is ready for new version release and also currently being worked on to roll this into Android Market

EDW Framework - Scalable EDW Builder.

This Framework is used to create a scalable EDW with in no time and at an ease with minimal effort. The framework will generate the data model’s , db scripts for EDW and Audit Databases and so on. This Framework will server the star schema model and will be competent to be framed for any database.

Script - Prescription and Prescriber Data

This a new generation app that will store the prescription, prescriber and patient data on few clicks by scanning the current prescription. This app will provide analytics on Prescriber and prescription data to the Healthcare industry to better serve and understand the needs of the customers across the globe.

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