Increase customer retention and maximize your IT and operational investments

Optimize your operating efficiency and service delivery with Z3 Technologies IT and business process solutions. A local exchange and wireless provider improved its process efficiencies by working with Z3 Technologies to offshore non-core finance and accounting functions.
As a result, the client has:

  • Seen continuous quality improvement and achieved 99% accuracy for its accounts payable process
  • Realized savings year after year while easily meeting regulatory requirements
  • Reduced transition costs from legacy mainframe applications to newer ERP solutions
  • Delivered custom solutions more quickly, leading to high client satisfaction and additional revenue
  • Eliminated paper reporting and check payments
  • Adapted its business model to the changing market — specifically Internet packaging with phone and cable
  • Leveraged Z3 Technologies Global Delivery Model to stretch its budget, accomplishing more for the same investment

Comprehensive solutions, optimized investments

TTelecommunications companies are calling for innovative solutions to their biggest challenges, from rapid technology advancements to the convergence of services to customer retention. Z3 Technologies has the expertise you need to evolve, operate, and maintain your systems and processes — and to optimize your IT investments.

Covering the entire subscriber lifecycle from acquisition to retention, Z3 Technologies offers you extensive experience in various operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS). Plus, the knowledge we’ve gained by working with both service providers and equipment vendors enables us to provide you with more innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Our delivery solution emphasizes local accountability and a flexible mix of global resources. The result is more practical and actionable recommendations and the right-sized services that tightly align to your needs.

With the opportunities made possible by our Application Services, Infrastructure Services, and Business Process Outsourcing services to extract the greatest value from your investments, you can free up resources to focus on strategic, high-value projects and competitive advantage.