Program and Performance Management

Consistently deliver programs on time and within budget

Execute your program and accomplish your mission by leveraging Keane’s industry-recognized Program Management Methodology.

We literally wrote the book on Productivity Management. Our project management approach for systems development has earned us recognition for achieving on-time, within-budget delivery significantly outpacing the industry average. Z3 Technologies Program and Performance Management (PPM) services enable you to:

  • Consistently meet project deadlines and stay on budget
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve product quality
  • Quantify expected/actual benefits from projects
  • Avoid under- or over-utilization of resources
  • Establish consistent and repeatable management practices
  • Make sure projects have a tangible return on investment
  • Gain management support and commitment

Flexible approach, disciplined execution

Whether you’re tackling compliance issues or implementing a departmental IT solution, Z3 Technologies applies our methodology to help you evolve, operate, and maintain your systems and processes at the highest level. We can incorporate your current project management best practices into our methodology, ensuring a better cultural fit, increased buy-in, and decreased organizational resistance. We also have the flexibility to develop and apply our program management methodology from numerous perspectives: process, knowledge area, or project manager competency — whichever approach best suits your needs.

Z3 Technologies disciplined execution of our PPM methodologies is founded on Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) doctrine, our own experience library, and proven best practices. All of which brings increased accuracy, reliability, and repeatability to your project management initiatives.