Maximizing efficiency of supply chain management

Z3 Technologies enables some of the world's top manufacturers to enhance efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership of their supply chain solutions. The company recently

  • Reduced support costs by 25% for a major beverage manufacturer
  • Achieved 20% productivity improvements for a leading building products manufacturer for three consecutive years
  • Reduced support costs by 20% for a manufacturer of cleaning products

Optimized Industry Solutions

Z3 Technologies offers manufacturing-specific solutions, including RFID and smart card framework consulting, return/recall management systems, procurement and payables solutions, and EDI/data exchange services, in addition to Application, Infrastructure and Business Process Outsourcing Services.

Realizing the greatest value from your IT investments in challenging market conditions

The manufacturing industry is facing high raw material costs, intensified consolidation, and global competition. Amidst these challenges, manufacturers need optimized supply chain systems and processes to drive down operating costs and improve agility. By evolving, operating, and maintaining your entire value chain systems and processes, Z3 Technologies boosts your organizational productivity, brings you greater flexibility, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Impressive manufacturing credentials

The geographically dispersed nature of manufacturing operations makes it difficult to streamline processes, share information, and gain organizational visibility to adapt to changing needs.

Z3 Technologies manages sales and distribution, supply chain, manufacturing and planning, and financial management applications for global manufacturing clients. We have a strong track record of supporting large ERP solutions from leading software vendors including SAP and Oracle.