Infrastructure Services

Have you optimized your infrastructure investments?

Create a cost-effective IT organization that is more responsive to the changes your business demands.

Rein in spiraling infrastructure costs and meet ever-changing business demands with Keane’s Data Center and Cloud-based Infrastructure Services. Our solutions enable you to select a combination of options that fits your business requirements including and Cloud-based Solutions, Remote Infrastructure Management, IT Operations Excellence, 24x7 Service Desk Operations, and Data Center Services.

Infrastructure service offerings:

Cloud-based Solutions help you leverage the power and potential of cloud computing to dramatically lower expenses associated with building, maintaining, and operating a data center, especially power and cooling related costs. It also enables you to transform what is typically a major capital investment into an operating expenditure. Our cloud-based solutions include: Infrastructure Services, Application Services, Healthcare Solutions, and On Demand QA & Testing.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) ensures 24x7 access, monitoring, and management of the infrastructure that supports your mission-critical business applications using the right mix of onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources. RIM services include: Database Administration, Desktop Services, Messaging Systems, and Network Management. Our clients typically save 25 – 40% on their infrastructure operations costs by using our RIM Services.

IT Operations Excellence combines CMMI, ITIL, Lean, and Six Sigma into daily operations to increase both performance and quality while driving sustainable improvement of your IT infrastructure operations. Service components include: Operations Performance Improvement and Stabilization, and Z3 Technologies ShoreWise Adaptive DeliverySM.

Service Desk Operations reduce the cost and complexity of service management with a single point of accountability. Keane consolidates responsibility for vendor management and service delivery across your entire technology stack, including hardware, networks, and applications. End-to-end service desk support includes: Horizontal Level 1 Application Support, Functional Level 2+ Support, and Full-Service Infrastructure Support.

Data Center Services help you cut the costs of what is typically the most expensive area of your infrastructure while ensuring business continuity by rationalizing, consolidating, and pruning servers, applications, and data centers. Offerings include: Data Center Solutions, Rationalization/Virtualization, Planning and Implementation, Infrastructure Assessment, and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services.