Financial Services

Optimize your operational and IT investments

How do you reduce your cost of ownership while strengthening governance and achieving greater IT flexibility? By getting more value from your existing IT and operational investments.

A damaged financial system and turbulent economy have left institutions under extreme pressure to cut operational and IT expenditures at the same time they are under increasing regulatory scrutiny and are exposed to mergers and divestitures. Z3 Technologies is helping financial services institutions like you reduce total cost of ownership, meet rigorous regulatory and risk management standards, and create the flexibility they need to quickly integrate processes, applications, and data with newly acquired entities. Some of our financial services clients have realized more value from their IT and operational investments by working with Z3 Technologies to:

  • Centralize all reconciliation functions : A top retirement services firm improved productivity by 25% and frequency by 100% while lowering financial and operational risks.
  • More easily pinpoint problem areas : and focus on improvements. A global bank now has a single point of access to trusted, timely, and accurate risk data across geographies.
  • Reduced total capital expenditure for modernizing a mission-critical application : The SEC's EDGAR database is one of the vehicles through which the SEC fosters investor education and is central to the functioning of US's capital markets. Z3 Technologies brought the right level of discipline and technical capabilities to optimize EDGAR's software and infrastructure and cost-effectively operate and maintain - and ultimately replace - this mission-critical application.

Tailored solutions, optimized results

Z3 Technologies has worked inside financial services and insurance firms for more than 10 years. We understand the nuances and subtleties about your business, processes and systems that can only come from working hands on with people, processes, and systems like yours. With this insight, we've designed solutions that meet the financial services industry's most pressing needs: